Happy New 2009!

Best wishes for a peaceful and joyful 2009!

Milan Kundera wrote that the struggle against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting. Let’s hope this year we remember some useful things. And by ‘remember’ I mean more than just information retrieval, which is actually just a license to forget (as Langdon Winner would say)!

Anyway, some announcements:

  • The wiki for my Fall 08 course Theory, Culture and Technology is open to the public. It contains some great work by students. Check it out.
  • Wikis for my upcoming Spring 09 courses (Videogame Theory & Analysis and Social Networks and the Web) are also available, in case you are interested (nothing there yet but course materials).
  • If you are a RSS subscriber to my blog, you probably haven’t seen the (somewhat) new Photography section (it’s actually just a collection of panoramas I use for my blog header)!
  • In an effort to divest from del.icio.us, I recently started my own social bookmarking site, which I will be using mostly with my students for school work (although you are more than welcome to join). It’s actually a free Drupal environment called Drigg, which took some tweaking to set up but seems to be working fine.

I hope to post more announcements about current work as they year progresses.



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  1. Greetings, and congratulations on that course wiki and the students’ accomplishments. Were you at the talk I gave last October? Your work here is a great example of just what I was discussing. My apologies if I’ve fallen victim to what Langdon Winner describes. (Ever read his essay on Captain Beefheart? Terrific stuff.)

    I’m curious–why are you divesting in del.icio.us? The word suggests something is awry politically with that service, and I’d be interested to know your thinking in this regard.

    My best regards.

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