Two Publications

Two papers that just came out:

The Limits of Networks as Models for Organizing the Social. In the journal New Media & Society, (12) 4, 603-617. Subscription required to download, but your school might have a license.


Also, the Spanish version of the e-book for the 4th Meeting: P2P Networks and Processes (Madrid, 6-10 July 2009) just came out. It contains my article Peerless: The Ethics of P2P Network Disassembly (pp. 56-66), along with many other excellent pieces. And it’s a free download!


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  1. If there’s anything more annoying than an interesting journal article locked behind a paywall, it’s a blog post about an interesting article thats locked behind a paywall, especially when it’s by the author of the paper.

    What motivated you? If there an open access version? Or have you moved beyond the plebes now, and are palying only for a paying public?

  2. Stephen,
    As I don’t need to tell you, ‘open’ academic publishing hasn’t come as far as we had hoped, and the criteria for getting tenure at a university remains stuck in medieval times. While I publish a lot of stuff under copyleft licenses, it’s still necessary for me to publish in certain kinds of journals. And yes, I’m against Big Oil but I still need to drive my car to work. We live to the fullest the contradictions of our times, as Barthes said.

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