“Off the Network” finally available

My book, Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World, is finally available from the University of Minnesota Press. You can pick up a paper copy from your favorite bookseller. Thanks to both Minnesota Press and SUNY Oswego, the book is also available in an open access format, so you can read or download the whole […]

SOAP: An Alternate Reality Game Engine

I am pleased to announce the release of SOAP v1.0. The [S]UNY [O]swego [A]RG [P]ackage is an alternate reality game (ARG) engine. Built on the open source platforms WordPress and BuddyPress, it is a bundle of pre-existing plugins and custom modifications that allow anyone who can install and host WordPress to run “what if” simulations […]

Survey on Liberation Technologies and Global Protest Movements

I am conducting a comparative study on uses of the Internet in protest movements around the world. One of the ways I am collecting data is through an online survey. I would appreciate your help in distributing this information and getting people to fill out the survey. Thanks! . “IMG_2151” by Mosa’aberising, 2012, Creative Commons. […]

Grant for Alternate Reality Simulations Project

I received an Innovative Instruction Technology Grant (IITG)  from SUNY’s Office of the Provost. The project is called Osw3go.net: Alternate Reality Simulations as Learning Tools, and the grant amount is $20,000 (plus $5,000 campus matching). Below is some information about the project from the proposal. [Update: Here’s a Campus Update item about the grant.]

Unfriend Your Monopoly: Proposals and Projects

I recently helped to put together a proposal for a project headed by Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures/HvA, Amsterdam) and Korinna Patelis (Cyprus University of Technology, Lemasol) called Unlike Us – Understanding Social Media Monopolies and their Alternatives. The project is just getting started (no events or outcomes have been planned yet), but the […]

Participation in 4th Inclusiva-net Meeting

I have been invited to give a paper at the 4th Inclusiva-net Meeting: P2P Networks and Processes, organized by Medialab-Prado (in Madrid). The meeting will focus on “an analysis of ‘peer-to-peer’ networks and network processes, highlighting the social potentials of cooperative systems and processes based on the structures and dynamics inherent to these types of […]

Participatory Culture and the Internet of the Masses

Andrea Batista Schlesinger is executive director of the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (a non-partisan, non-profit think tank founded during the Civil Rights Movement that generates ideas that fuel the progressive movement). She is currently working on the forthcoming book The Death of Why, to be released in Spring of 2009. After looking at […]

Conversations Below Sea Level: Rob van Kranenburg

Ambient Dominance and the Public — An Interview with Rob van Kranenburg (Photo and interview: Ulises Mejias, Creative Commons 2008) For the last interview in this series, I sat down to talk to Rob van Kranenburg. Rob works at Waag Society, a new media think-tank that “wants to be on the forefront of developments by […]

Conversations Below Sea Level: Anne Beaulieu and Sally Wyatt

Digital Cultures and Research Practices — An Interview with Anne Beaulieu and Sally Wyatt (Anne Beaulieu (left) and Sally Wyatt. Photo and interview: Ulises Mejias, Creative Commons 2008) Anne Beaulieu (bio, publications) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Virtual Knowledge Studio (VKS). Sally Wyatt (bio, publications) is Professor of Digital Cultures in Development at […]