Participation in 4th Inclusiva-net Meeting

I have been invited to give a paper at the 4th Inclusiva-net Meeting: P2P Networks and Processes, organized by Medialab-Prado (in Madrid). The meeting will focus on “an analysis of ‘peer-to-peer’ networks and network processes, highlighting the social potentials of cooperative systems and processes based on the structures and dynamics inherent to these types of […]

Networked Proximity – Full PDF

Here it is: PDF of the full dissertation. Right-click and choose Save As… mejias__networked_proximity.pdf (1.2 MB) I’m removing all previously posted drafts from this blog. There are important differences that make this final version much better. Abstract Networked Proximity: ICTs and the Mediation of Nearness Ulises Ali Mejias, 2007 The network as a map of […]

More on Dissertations, Blogs, Knowledge, etc.

In case you missed the excellent comment thread, both authors of the article and rubric I used in my recent post about the blog as literature review replied (within days!) to challenge some of my assumptions. Thank you, David and Penny! David pointed out that, in fact, my post was not so much about the […]

The Blog as Dissertation Literature Review?

(See Updates at the end of the post) Can a certain type of academic blogging be a more adequate form of literature review than the traditional chapter in a dissertation? In this post, I employ the rubric proposed by Boote & Beile (2005) to determine whether blogging can be considered a form of literature review. I also make some suggestions for how blogging may be incorporated formally into the research and writing activities of some doctoral students, although it certainly might not be useful to others. I am not suggesting that this single post is my literature review; I am merely providing a map that outlines how my blogging during the past years constitutes a form of ongoing literature review.