From Free Markets to Free Internets (Disassembled Spaces)

(cross post with FLEFF’s Dissassembled Spaces blog) Most people assume that if you Google something in the US and you do the same in another country, you will get the same results. It’s called the World Wide Web, right? Not so. Countries can and do exert influence on search engine companies to control the results […]

Surf Free or Die? (Disassembled Spaces)

What is often lost in framing the ongoing Net Neutrality debate as one that pits the Left v. the Right is how both sides are often after the same thing: advancing the corporate agenda. The debate is increasingly eroding the notion of Internet users as citizens instead of just consumers. Sadly, this points to the […]

Disassembled Spaces: Guest blogging at FLEFF

I have been invited to be a guest blogger at FLEFF 2010‘s Open Space Project (I will be cross-posting the content here in my regular blog). This project asks: “How do we find open spaces in geography, community, melody, materiality, digitality, virtuality?  How do we identify, locate, question, create, and  imagine open space(s)?” My blog […]